I opted to walk over to Baby Steps (Jessica’s daycare) this evening to pick Jessie up, which is a 20 minute walk for me there, and a 55 minute walk for Jessica and me back – in other words a cunning and clever plan to stretch my little one’s legs and to fit some much needed exercise for me too!

Anyway, as I was nearing the creche, I found myself facing a rather peculiar sight: waltzing down the street was a herd of cattle, lead by a bull with a rather impressive set of horns, with nary a herder in sight. I can only assume that the herd somehow escaped their pasture or enclosure and decided to do some sightseeing in Gordon’s Bay suburbia.

Of course, I was pretty eager to show off these cows to Jessica, and as luck would have it, on our return to the spot there remained one straggler cow who had obviously been separated from the herd (who were now long gone). Needless to say this was quite the treat for Jess to see a real life Moo in the street!

cows walking in gordon's bay suburb 1

cows walking in gordon's bay suburb 2

cows walking in gordon's bay suburb 3

Certainly not something I get to see every day.