Music: Glaskas – Meneer (2008) Music 23 MAY 2013

glaskas afrikaans south african rock bandOne thing I enjoy after having made Alternative FM (AFM) 91.3 FM my de facto music station is that I get exposed to a lot of great South African music.

Case in point. Glaskas.

“Glaskas needs no introduction to the South African music scene. Since their emergence in the world of rock as winner of JIP’s Rockspaaider in the Eastern Cape in 2004, they have gained vast recognition as a name on the tips of the tongues of music insiders and the public alike. With four full-length albums to their name, Glaskas have already established themselves as one of the leading Afrikaans bands in the country. Glaskas band members are Deon Meiring (lead Vocals and Guitar), Lolke-Louis Claassen (backup Vocals and Drums) and Francois Kleynhans (backup Vocals and Bass).

In 2006, Glaskas released their debut album entitled Revolusie, Romantiek, Ruk en Rol. In 2008, they released their second album Engele Wat Skree, which was followed by their 2010 release, entitled Aan Die Ontmaskerde Heldin. Last year, the band released their much anticipated fourth album and latest album Verganklik en Afhanklik.

With the release of four albums, Glaskas have enjoyed the following accolades: nominations for a SAMA for Best Afrikaans Rock Album; VONK Music Award for Best Music Video, Best Rock Album, Album of the Year and Best Group; and most recently their 2013 Ghoema nomination for Best Rock Album. Their songs have been included on the soundtracks for the South African films Bakgat, Bakgat 2 and Superhelde.”

Anyway, Meneer was the first single off their second album “Engele wat Skree”, released in 2008, and for some or other reason this song really connects with me at the moment, so it makes sense to feature this awesome song on the blog then.

If you haven’t heard it before, enjoy!

Oh, and while Googling for some info on them, I even managed to grab the lyrics for this track:

Kan jy nie sien
dat ons wêreld heeltemal stukkend is nie?
My vriend, kom wys my bevryding asseblief
Ek is oorlaai met bekommernis
en eensame onsekerheid
Gun my 'n kans om vir regverdigheid te pleit

Moet my asseblief nie in hulle boksie plaas nie
ek is anders, ek glo – ek glo in 'n hoopvolle generasie

Meneer kom cure hierdie land, asseblief
Want ons strate en oë en harte is hopeloos verlate

Jy sal nie sien
as jy aanhou kyk deur die verlede se stukkende oë nie
Meneer kom cure my seer, asseblief
Jy sal nie sien as jy nie om jou begin kyk nie
Meneer, sê my ek is meer as net naïef

Moet my asseblief nie in hulle boksie plaas nie
ek is anders, ek glo – ek glo in 'n hoopvolle generasie

Meneer kom cure hierdie land, asseblief

And just for good measure, here is Glaskas performing this awesome song in front of a live studio audience (as opposed to a dead studio audience of course).

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