custom wrappz phone skinPeople have always loved to customize things, make it their own, be it through a simple bumper sticker on their car, or a personal ringtone on their phone, or perhaps just a crazy jacket for their cat. (Well, LOLcats needs to get is source material somehow!)

Anyway, the point is that this drive to be different means that there is always a gap in the market for small businesses offering targeted customization services, and indeed, one could just glance over at the custom car and bike industry to see just how much demand there actually is for something like this!

Thanks to the advances in printing, adhesives and plastics manufacturing, the ability to produce custom pieces of work has become a whole lot simpler, and a hell of a lot more accessible, in comparison to the early days of Henry Ford’s Model T production line, where you could pick any colour so long as it was black – all which brings us nicely full circle back to the focus of this particular blog post, the rather clever team over at Wrappz.

What they do is produce custom protective cases for phones and tablets, or if you prefer the sleek machined look of your device, reusable scratch resistant adhesive skins, all showcasing your own unique design which can be built up from whatever text, color or uploaded image that you wish to include.

In other words, want to show off your ever so sexy lady friend to the boys in the office? Immortalize her on the back of your iPhone!

Getting your hands on your own protective case or adhesive skin is pretty damn easy too mind you. Hit the site, pick your device, use the web-based design editor to create your perfect print for your skin or case, and then hit the purchase button and wait for your doorbell to ring a week or two later with your very own piece of art, hot off the press.

Definitely worth checking out if you don’t want your gear to look just run of the mill!

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