Now armed with a bigger real estate thanks to my 9.7 inch Proline Jellybean Android Tablet (which Google says identifies as a Rockchip QPAD9700), reading digital comic books now becomes a more viable, and more importantly, more enjoyable reality.

marvel comics android app

But what to read? Well, thanks to Comixology, legally purchasing comic books is now a pretty simple affair, and their excellent guided view makes it hard to argue against what is probably king of the digital comic book experience right now. With such a great platform it is no wonder that both the Big Two approached them for their own distinctive online digital comics presence, meaning that you shouldn’t be alarmed when after installing the Comixology app, the DC Comics app, and the Marvel Comics app, you notice the interface pretty much exactly the same!

The ability to search through various filters, the animated, panel-by-panel guided view, the offline storage, and ease of purchase really makes Comixology a sure fire hit.

Of course, what to do if you buddy hands you a flash drive full of bundled .cbz and .cbr comic book scans? Well in the past I was rather fond of the ACV (A Comic Viewer) app, but have since switched to the far superior and extraordinarily good Komik android app.

Komik does an excellent job of managing a file library, dual page layouts, easy navigation and a clever zoom mechanism, making it one of the best comic/manga viewer currently in the market. Highly recommended.

So that should just about cover it when it comes to how to enjoy comic books on your shiny new Android tablet then!