So Chantelle and I received pretty awesome news over the weekend… it has been confirmed that Chantelle is around 6 weeks pregnant with our second little one! :)

jessica lotter baby drinking out of bottle

Very unexpected and very unplanned, the news comes as a bit of a surprise to us considering we weren’t actually trying, but all in all I’m pretty pleased that Mother Nature has given us the nudge (or is that a shove), because while I had been ready to start extending the family pretty soon after Jessica was born, Chantelle understandably has been more than a bit hesitant based on what happened last time, and so had been pretty much putting it off indefinitely while no one was looking.

This time around though we are much more prepared, and with Chantelle on a better medical aid plan than last time means that we can pick and choose in terms of healthcare providers, making for a very exciting prospect indeed.

toddler jessica lotter playing with flour

Now all I have to do is try and get little Jessica’s buy-in for the final piece of the Lotter Clan puzzle that’s going to be falling in place! :)

Nine months and counting…