weight loss scale - foot stepping on scaleA couple of months ago I announced here on the blog that Chantelle and I had joined Weigh-Less, and seeing as we’re now ten weeks into the program, I thought it a good spot to give a quick update on our progress to those interested.

(That said, because weight is a deeply personal issue, Chantelle would probably kill me if I said anything regarding her, so I think I’ll give that one a skip then!)

As for me though, I’m now standing at a total weight loss of 14.4 kg in the ten weeks, which means that I’m dropping at a nice steady pace, with pretty much no effort on my part at all!

Seriously, it’s winter, so there’s no going for walks, no jogging in the morning, no gym, no home exercise – nothing, nada, zip! Basically it all boils down to me pretty much having eliminated my intake of excess sugar, fats and carbohydrates, meaning that my body can happily burn off more kilojoules during the course of the day that what I’m shovelling in. Marvellous.

And bare in mind, I’m no stickler for the diet rules in the first place. (I’m not going to elaborate on this point just yet, just in case our wonderful Somerset West Weigh-Less group leader Lana happens upon this post when I’m not looking…)

So yeah, pretty chuffed at this whole Weigh-Less thing thus far! :)