Chantelle and I just got back home from Doctor Wade’s offices, returning from our very first sonar inspection of Baby Lotter #2, and of course, armed with such good news I couldn’t exactly wait to share it: jellybean-shaped Baby Lotter #2 is sitting quite snuggly, his/her heart happily beating at quite a furious pace!

20130614 lotter clan new baby 1st sonar scan

From the measurements Doctor Wades estimates Baby Lotter #2 as being around 7 weeks and 2 days old, which means that the estimated full term birth date would be 27 January 2014.

(Funnily enough, Jess’s original full term birth date was also late January as it turns out.)

So that’s it then. Baby Lotter #2 is now conclusively a reality and we’re now officially on our pregnancy way!