fable 3 xbox game coverFinally, Microsoft takes a page out of Sony’s book and in one quick announcement makes owning a XBOX Live Gold account worthwhile again.

Following in PlayStation Plus’ footsteps, Microsoft will now give away two free selected games each month to all XBOX Live Gold account members for the remainder of this year, starting in July 2013 with the gifting of digital downloads for Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.

And just because they can, they’re also offering up Fable III for free to all XBOX Live Gold accounts, available now until the end of June. (I’ve already grabbed this, having missed out on it first time around!)

This is a fantastic incentive for having a paid-for Gold account in the first place and to be frank, it’s great for game development companies who can now get a second round of interest in some of their older titles, which they can then try to capitalize on by heavily promoting some paid-for, shiny new DLC.

I’m looking forward to seeing what titles Microsoft is going to be giving away in this manner for the rest of the year, and am secretly hoping that they can bring aboard a few of the other big name publishers instead of just releasing items from their own back catalog.

And who knows, maybe it will be successful enough that they decide keep this promotion running indefinitely? In any event, here’s to at least six months’ worth of free games coming our way!

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