I recently picked up on some mixed bags of comics on sale at one of our local book stores, delighted to find them stuffed with an assortment of 1990s’ comics, from the likes of Dark Horse, Image and one or two other smaller houses. Unfortunately for me, there also happened to be a couple of issues of Boof in there, which is a bad thing because I’ve been introduced to Boof before.

The story revolves around a bad tempered, stubby caveman-like alien warrior who crash landed here on Earth, hailing from the planet Smashmouth. He teams up with a local kid and the kid’s mangy mutt and from there on they go through a couple of pretty mundane adventures, usually involving some sort of fight scene, a big misunderstanding thanks to the language/culture barrier, and quite often Boof ingesting faeces along the way.

It’s not pretty. At the time Image was making hand over fist in terms of money, and so they launched quite a lot of titles to cash in on their strong sales, with Boof being their shot at a humour comic aimed at kids and immature comic book readers. The immature part they got right, with Beau Smith’s stories being an absolute pointless waste of time, not being even remotely funny, completely missing any sort of attempt at satire or parody, not to mention so completely stuffed with poop, fart, and piss sequences that one fails to see any audience actually picking up on this one!

And don’t get me even started on the ridiculous dialogue and “catch” phrases.

The artwork is handled by John Cleary, who attempts to emulate Todd McFarlane’s drawing style but then exaggerates it to the max. The result is certainly not pretty and is often quite difficult to look at. I can’t really praise it to be quite honest, no matter how hard I try.

The verdict. If you’ve never had a run-in with Boof from Image Comics before, then consider youself lucky and definitely steer far away from any bargain bins where this might be lurking in.

It’s plain old dumb.

boof issue 1 comic book scan

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