firebug web development plugin logoWant to debug your carefully written PHP Ajax scripts but struggle thanks to the fact that AJAX calls require properly formatted JSON or XML strings to be returned? It’s an annoying development quirk to be sure, but thankfully someone came up with a really good solution for it.

My colleague (Tracy Baving) introduced me to the world of FirePHP, a Firebug extension that basically allows your PHP script to write directly to the Firebug Console, using response headers as the transmission mechanism which means that no data submitted will actually interfere with the rendered contents of your page!

Needless to say, this is extremely useful, the only caveat being that you need to be using FireBug for your browser web development debugger. That said, most of us LAMP web developers actually do, so this isn’t exactly a biggie.

Enabling and running FirePHP is little more than including the provided file and making a function call, and on top of that there are some pretty nifty features that FirePHP also brings to the party. Check out this to see what I mean!

Definitely worthy of making a note of.

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