I stumbled across (and tested) this excellent service that solves the age-old computer-related problem of how do I send these large Photoshop, Video, or Dancing Cat GIF files over to my excellent colleague who is eagerly awaiting them. The service goes by the name of WeTransfer and to be fair, that is exactly what they do.

No signup required, a fairly large 2GB max upload (if you start paying them you get to move more), and a very intuitive interface which in theory should be easy enough for your lesser computer literate colleague to operate, especially if they are the one doing the sending.

The process is pretty easy. Access the site, select the files to be ‘sent’, enter your e-mail address as well as your friend’s e-mail address, add a short message for your friend’s benefit, and hit the transfer button.

Once completed, they will receive a mail with a download link which gives them about 2 weeks or so to download those files. Oh, and best yet, they send you a mail to tell you once your buddy has actually hit the download link. Brilliant!

Easy peasy, and so much better than those 25 MB large photo e-mails your mother keeps trying to send you.

wetransfer web service

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