xbox 360 black wireless controllerWell that’s rather annoying to say the least.

I like having someone sitting next to me and playing a game against them, face-to-face so to speak, now and then, hence the fact that I have two XBOX 360 controllers for my system. Although I regularly rotate between the two controllers to ensure even usage, I always play with my rechargeable battery kit installed on the controller that I’m using, leaving the second one to run off the standard AA battery pack as it lays in the cupboard awaiting its time to shine.

Anyway, the other evening Chantelle offers to battle against me in some Joy Ride Turbo, so I eagerly accept the challenge, turn on the XBOX and hand out the controllers. However, no sooner had we picked out our rides and started the first race, when the controller that Chantelle was using started repeatedly turning itself off, leading to a lot of frustration and the eventual abandonment of our gaming session in what I can only describe as a fit of annoyed rage.

Of course I swapped out the batteries a couple of time to ensure it wasn’t something as simple as dead batteries, swapped in the rechargeable battery pack to ensure that it wasn’t the controller at fault, as well as did a couple of checks to ensure that the battery housing wasn’t just loose and pulling away from the controller body, thus causing the power failure.

Nothing, nada, zip.

xbox 360 controller battery housingSo I turned to the Internet and based on my searches, it looks like the problem might lie with the battery contacts fixed at the base of the battery housing, which is obviously breaking the power connection to the batteries and thus turning off the controller.

Now the suggested fix is to take a small piece of fine grained sandpaper, fix it to the back of a pencil and then gently push the sandpaper down the housing and twist a couple of times to ‘scrub’ the metal contacts clean, followed by the careful insertion of a pick of some sorts to try and bend the contacts upwards, in the hopes of creating a better connection to the batteries.

Unfortunately this hasn’t quite worked out for me yet, meaning that I’ve opted to go for the easier (though obviously not quite as cost effective) route: now I just have to wait for the delivery date of my knock-off Nitho rechargeable battery pack from!