Recently widowed housewife Evelyn must sell her home to cover huge debts left by her late husband. Graham, a high-court judge who had spent his first eighteen years in India, abruptly decides to retire and return there. Jean and Douglas seek a retirement they can afford, having lost most of their savings through investing in their daughter’s internet business. Muriel, a retired housekeeper prejudiced against Indians and every other person of colour under the sun, needs a hip replacement operation which can be done far more quickly and inexpensively in India. Madge is hunting for another husband, and Norman, an aging lothario, is trying to re-capture his youth.

Each of them separately decides on a retirement hotel in India, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, based on pictures off its website – but needless to say, you really shouldn’t be making a choice based on a website alone!

Nevertheless, the chaotic world of India has many lessons to offer all, no matter how far you’ve already come down the pathway of life, and this unlikely group is about to find this truth out firsthand, like it or not…

the best exotic marigold hotel screenshot

Chantelle picked this for one of our rather infrequent pizza and DVD evenings and I have to say, I ended up quite enjoying this unusual movie pick for me.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a 2012 British comedy-drama that features an ensemble cast consisting of heavyweights like Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, Bill Nighy, Ronald Pickup, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, and Penelope Wilton, not forgetting the thoroughly likeable Dev Patel, and from start to finish, the clever (with loads of added wit) writing, the fantastic and heartfelt acting, and the compelling visuals (to be fair, we’re not from India, so the visuals are exotic to us) keeps you intrigued and locked into what is a rather satisfying and strangely enjoyable story that is told.

There are more than a few themes that are addressed in a story that also manages to deftly split its time between each and every one of the characters, resulting in a fantastic blend which is pretty difficult not to like if you are a more mature movie watcher.

In summary, certainly not intended for a youthful audience, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is however a pleasing and polished gem to watch, with a great story, deep acting and some beautiful cinematography, and thus makes for a great viewing with your partner on a cold Winter’s evening!


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