hyundai getz headlamp bulbMy Hyundai Getz came back from it’s 90,000 km service a couple of weeks ago (great, it’s still on a service plan), and as timing would have it, Chantelle’s Hyundai Getz went in yesterday for its 165,000 km service (not so great because this one is straight out of our pocket, R1,600 this time around).

Not that our car services is the reason for this silly little post mind you. Instead, I had to chuckle at an unexpected stroke of good timing, though I’m not sure whether I should laugh or be sad to be quite honest.

You see, as we hopped into my car late afternoon to go and pick up Chantelle’s car following the phone call from Helderberg Hyundai Service Center had come in, I turned on the ignition, flicked on the headlights (it was raining), and immediately cursed in despair when brightly reflecting back at me off our sliding door was only one headlamp.


But like I said, impeccable timing.

Here I was, already on my way to the Service Center, meaning that in one fell swoop we could pay for Chantelle’s service and I could purchase a new lamp*.

(Which I then installed myself. After all, I did go through this with the opposite front headlamp some time last year!)

So, enlightened timing indeed! ;)

*Pleasingly, this only weighed in a R45 for the bulb.

UPDATE: This bulb lasted something ridiculous like only three or four weeks. Damn it. Anyway, the latest replacement bulb seems to be doing a slightly better job at staying alive!