What do you get when you marry a computer sales and repair shop with a coffee shop? Well, if you live in Gordon’s Bay then there is believe it or not, actually an answer to that question. Sadly.

A year or so back the Cinnamon Square shopping complex opened alongside Faure Marine Drive, sitting along the border between Gordon’s Bay and Strand, with Spar as the anchor tenant. At that time there was what looked like a little cafe bearing the name of Coffee.com on which Chantelle and I couldn’t help but comment on every time we rode past, which then one day simply disappeared.

Until now.

The other day Chantelle spotted a familiar sign appear next to Woolworths, in the laughably quiet but newly renovated shopping space that once used to host the equally quiet 7 Eleven/Friendly Grocer store – Coffee.com was back in action.

coffee.com coffee shop gordon's bay

We had decided to pop out for a quick bite to eat on one of my days of working from home and after driving around only to find pretty much everyone closed for business for the day (currently the Garden Kitchen nestled in Mountain Streams nursery is our coffee stop of choice), we bit the bullet and decided to pop over to Coffee.com in the hopes that it was open.

It was, and on entry the mystery surrounding the completely arbitrary name of Coffee.com became apparent: the mini venue doubles up as both a coffee shop and a computer sales shop, probably the most unlikely pairing of the decade!

Anyway, we sat down and ordered some food and some coffee, and sadly (because I don’t like to talk ill of any small business) I have to say, unsurprisingly it wasn’t very good.

And sadly for them, we didn’t even bother to look at the computer hardware on sale…