A little more than a month ago, Damen, Evan, Ryan and I got together for our first proper FIFA 13 Foursome, which saw us playing FIFA on the XBOX from early evening straight through to early the next morning, punctuated only by a quick pizza run.

This weekend we attempted to recreate that epic evening of FIFA – and pleasingly we did!

xbox fifa 13 screenshot

We all arrived at Ryan’s pad at about 16:30 and by 17:00 the pleasantries were over and we gathered around the television, XBOX controllers in hand. We’ve got a pretty fair system of play which sees us rotate partners every second game, with each two game rotation featuring the same two teams – essentially we pick two teams, play a game, then rematch with changed sides, meaning that you are forced to play on both sides of the coin – important if one team turns out to have a rather easy to exploit Achille’s Heel. On that note, we also pick the teams very carefully, basically allowing the first team to be semi-randomly chosen and then manually find a matching team in terms of stats and stars to take them on.

As it turned out, the first game of the evening funnily enough provided the best goal of the night, with Ryan scoring a cheeky 90th minute winner by slotting a goal in via the near post from what should have been a completely impossible angle to score from! And talking about cheeky goals, Evan’s back heel tap-in probably took the cake on that front!

The games were fiercely contested (well, except for when Ryan and I played together on a team – goal scoring came a little too easily to us in the first couple of rounds, though eventually Evan and Damen wised up and started shutting us down), and in some cases the tension was so intense (the Manchester United versus Manchester City game was particularly guilty of this) that by the time the final whistle went we would have to wipe dry our sweaty hands and grab a drink to calm our nerves!

For the first time we implemented a scoring system which basically saw us track points for games played (3 for a win, 1 for a draw) as well as a goals scored tally, and after a full 8 hour stretch of FIFA (we played until after 01:00 am), Ryan emerged as the clear winner in the most valuable player (MVP) category with an incredible 49 points accrued – basically he only lost three times during the entire evening! I snagged the Golden Boot with my 29 goals scored, while sadly Evan brought up the rear, proving beyond any doubt that on the night he was the true wearer of the boot of clay.

Oh, and we did break for some delicious St. Elmos pizza – just to keep the tradition intact.

Overall this was a pretty awesome FIFA 13 Foursome get together and I have to say, I’m already looking forward to the next one! :)

fifa 13 foursome scorecard

(And just for the record, with it being so late I opted to spend the evening at Ryan’s place – which meant that after Damen and Evan left, Ryan and I still sat down for an hour of Topspin 4 tennis before hitting the sack!)