touchwork-orange-chairsOne of the primary reasons that I’ve been pretty scarce here on the blog as of late (seriously, if you haven’t realized by now that 90% of the last month’s posts were all filler content then I just don’t know) is the heavy work workload that I sit under at the moment. I’m rushing towards the end of my fifth year with Touchwork, and as it was from day 1 since I joined, the amount of work waiting to be done just never diminishes – unfortunately for me though, the size of my plate just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The good news is that we’re moving into an exciting new office space tomorrow – still situated in Westlake Business Park of course, the new office is a lot more professional looking, with windows, and amenities, dedicated parking bays, etc., all things needed to put a stop to our feeling like second class citizens to the boss’ more exciting and successful Hypenica business that mushroomed up around us over the course of the last year or so (literally. They shared the same office space as us).

The other good news is that the sales team has got some new members onboard (though sadly we did shed a lot of guys in the process), the most important of all probably being Jessica, a seriously dynamic, deal closer of a sales manager which can only be a good thing for our product lines going forward!

(In other words, some nice shiny sales are starting to roll in for the company at last).

The bad news is that we’re still very screwed on the development front. Tracy has been a marvellous addition to my development team, working completely independently in bringing to life our mobile application product suite.

Unfortunately for me though, that doesn’t exactly help fill the holes left by the departed developers, meaning that for now I continue to (as I have been doing for well over a year now) handle all the development chores and projects that would have previously been handled by the likes of Tristan (Routing Server, TxtandTell), Jaco (TextandTell) and Stephen (Distell), in addition to my own work on our flagship Kinetica product as well as a few older, stable sites.

Then of course I’m picking up all the project management work that would previously have been handled by Simon (well I guess I am in the role of Software Development Manager after all), and now thanks to the poorly timed departure of account manager John, I have to handle the big Distell account as well.

Sadly, our year-long developer recruitment drive has been a complete failure, with us unable to identify any PHP developers with the combination of the necessary skill level, salary level, and willingness to work out in Westlake.


So as you can imagine I’m having to grab extra hours here and there to get more work done, which then makes it pretty understandable that I’m burning out pretty fast – luckily we only have a couple of months to go before the year end break is upon us… though to be fair, between Chantelle’s Cupcakery, Jessica and little on-her-way Emily, I don’t foresee a particularly restful holiday period coming my way at all!

Well at least I can’t say that I’m bored…