In an incredible show of not wanting to do too much blog post writing, I’ve seen it fit to do a quick round up of some of the entertainment that’s managed to worm itself into my limited free time as of late.

Community (2009-2013)

Community is an American television comedy series created by Dan Harmon that premiered on September 17, 2009 on NBC. The series follows a group of students at a community college in the fictional locale of Greendale, Colorado. The series heavily uses meta-humor and pop culture references, often parodying film and television clichés and tropes.

Community is set at Greendale Community College, and opens with Jeff, a suspended lawyer, inviting a former political activist named Britta to a fictional Spanish study group in order to seduce her. However, Britta invites Abed, another member of the Spanish class, along to thwart Jeff’s plans, Abed in turn invites four more members of the Spanish class (Troy, Annie, Shirley and Pierce), and the study group becomes real. Despite their varying ages, backgrounds, and personalities, the group grows together, and everyone eventually develops a close relationship with each other. The group, as an entity, is fairly self-centered, only interacting in passing with other members of the student body, and even then mostly because of competitions, arguments, or feuds.

Now I’m not a particularly big television series watcher, but I was looking for something to replace The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) after finally having had my fill of it (as with anything, you can eventually have too much of a good thing which of course is a bad thing). As it turned out Community was the next pick and I have to say, I’m thrilled that I discovered this little gem, it being a genuinely amusing and often hilarious show – in other words making it a more than worthy replacement for TBBT.

The casting on this is perfect and the clever writing makes for some truly absurd, but truly loveable and funny sequences, thus easily making this one of my favourite comedy shows of the moment.

That said, while the first two seasons were awesome beyond compare, by the time Community rolls into it’s third season, a lot of the humour spark is gone, most of it falling into the been there, done that already arena, not to mention a style change that introduces heavier drama elements into the show, which although makes the series more meaningful in the stories being told, does distract somewhat from a lot of the silliness which made it so enjoyable in its early days.

Nevertheless, I have to say, I truly enjoyed this one, and definitely recommend it if you are looking for some pretty decent laughs!

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Fanie Fourie’s Lobola (2013)

A down on his luck, custom car build artist, Fanie Fourie (A proper Afrikaaner who is currently running his ‘car art gallery’ out of his Mom’s garage), also happens to be not so great on the love side of things. However, on a dare he manages to get Zulu girl Dinky Magubane to agree to attend his flamboyant brother’s wedding with him, the end result being a budding romance that crosses cultural lines despite the fact that some of those lines really don’t want to be crossed.

And then there is the whole problem of a pesky ex-boyfriend and a little tradition called ‘Lobola’…

Chantelle and I felt like picking up something lighthearted and South African, and pleasingly Fanie Fourie’s Lobola ticks all of those boxes. It’s a charming and fun romance that plays on all the usual cultural differences comedy tropes, but does so in a fresh and enjoyable way. Eduan van Jaarsveldt slips easily in his loveable role as poor old Fanie Fouries, while Zethu Dhlomo pulls off a very competent and radiant Dinky Magubane.

The film is slickly produced, is a great advertisement for South African filmmaking, and makes for a great date night movie if you are looking for some feel good, romantic entertainment.

(Oh, and never mind the hilarious custom build cars, Chris Chameleon is an absolute hoot in this uncharacteristically goofy role he finds himself playing in for a change!)

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