It’s awesome to have a local beach that continuously gets a Blue Flag rating you know – kind of makes one feel proud of the place to be quite honest.

Once again Bikini Beach (literally named for the bikinis worn by the Stellenbosch students who forever seem enamored with the place) has been awarded a coveted Blue Flag status for a year, basically meaning that the water quality is good, the amenities are all running smoothly, and in general this is a clean and inviting coastal environment.

(True it is a tiny little stretch of sand with hardly any parking along the beach at all, but still, it REALLY is a nice spot to chill.)

2013-07-06 12.01.09

For some reason I always chuckle whenever the Blue Flag beaches are announced because I know, shame, poor old Gauteng must feel terrible to be missing out on this one… but then I promptly see this at my local Pick ‘n Pay in Gordon’s Bay and I remove the ‘shame, poor old’ from that previous sentiment!

gauteng driver opc100gp parking like a dick

Note: Jessica had loads of fun saying ‘Silly Man’ over and over again as I explained to her just why he is such a dick.

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