The other day we were killing some time in Bellville and I decided to head us off down to Northumberland street so that I could pick up a new pair of shoes seeing as my last pair were now pretty much unwearable. So off to Shoe City Chantelle, Jessie and I traipsed, where I immediately set about the task of sniffing out a new pair of casual footwear for my toesies.

I didn’t get very far down the aisle before I was summoned back by Chantelle, turning the corner to find our dear Jessica with a huge grin on her face and stomping around in a pair of Disney Princess slip slops – apparently she saw them on the shelf, picked them out and demanded to try them on!

Pleased as punch with her find, she then continued on her search, the end result being much happy stomping around Shoe City as she showed off and modeled her finds – too cute for words I tell you! In the end, I walked up to the cash register with three pairs of new shoes for our little shoe model, a pair of sandals, a pair of slip slops, and a pair of closed shoes – in other words, Summer Shoe Wardrobe sorted!

Oh, and I managed to pick out a pair of shoes for myself as well, just in case you’re wondering. Sadly, Chantelle walked away empty footed.

jessica lotter tries on her new shoes

Of course, the fun didn’t quite end there, because next up was Toys R Us to buy birthday presents for Devon and Evalynne, whose birthday parties we were attending later in the day. Needless to say, it’s not easy buying toys off the shelf with a toddler continuously begging you to give her the present – in the end the snap purchase of a knock-off purple pony was enough to placate little Jess, or at least distract her for long enough while mommy wrapped up the kids’ presents! :)