you're under arrest anime ovaIt’s her first day of work, and Tsujimoto Natsumi is already late – and sitting stuck behind a railway crossing is definitely not helping things. But taking that reckless shortcut on her little scooter might not have been the best idea either as Bokuto Precinct’s officer Kobayakawa Miyuki is soon hot on this miscreant’s tail.

But what these two don’t know is that they are about to become partners of the Bokuto Precinct Traffic Department. Ace driver Miyuki and daredevil biker Natsumi are Bokuto Precinct’s finest officers. No traffic offender escapes their grasp and together with their friends and colleagues Miyuki and Natsumi strive to make the streets of Tokyo a safer place for all.

Traffic offenders beware: You are under arrest!

You Are Under Arrest! focuses on the friendship that develops between two female partners serving in the Bokuto Precinct Traffic Department. The stories attempt to mix a little bit of drama, romance, action and a feel-good vibe to produce a fresh OVA. This it does. However, it certainly doesn’t produce an exciting OVA.

The four episodes making up the OVA are self-contained stories and don’t actually link up to make a storyline. It is more like a mini-series than one tale. Still, the stories are well told and carry a certain warmth to them. Although a little bit of action is present, the situations come across as really forced, so no real tension ever builds up. Instead, more attention is paid to the humour and characterisation of the characters, leading to a nice feeling of depth for all the story’s players. The OVA really does focus on the friendship that developes between Miyuki and Natsumi.

The animation for the OVA is not bad at all. Very clean lines and great attention to detail on the motor vehicles. The animation has a very strong resemblance to that used in “Ah My Goddess!”.

The dubbed version of the OVA is okay. The voices aren’t overly irritating, but as usual, the series is far superior in its native Japanese. The music for the title is nothing spectacular, and holds very little to get excited about.

All in all, people looking for action and adventure should probably stay clear of this one. This is a story for you and your girlfriend to sit down and watch together.

you're under arrest anime ova screenshot

(Historical Note: Wow. My writing was pretty horrible back then, wasn’t it – the above review was written way back in March 2004! And from the looks of it, I really wasn’t the target market for this particular OVA in the first place…)

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