Well I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy my extended break from blogging – I’ve pretty much not written anything of substance since mid-October last year, and taking a break from the keyboard in the evenings to rather spend time with either Jess or Chantelle, or just to simply veg out in front of the TV or the XBOX, has been pretty great.

Of course, the blog has kept ticking over with a content-filler posts on a daily basis for the duration my break period, but I’m happy to see that they’ve pretty much run out now, and with that, the year and a bit long little SEO and income generating experiment is now over.

Frankly, I don’t like the fact that my archives are now over-run with these soulless bits of writing and quick posts, which means that from here on in, the blog will be reverting pretty much to its original mission of being a place where I can share all the current goings on in the Lotter Clan life with my friends and family (and in the process create a great memory box for myself!), as well as an easy access storage place for code snippets, tech tips and application how-to’s that are useful to me and my work.

Naturally, this does of course mean that this blog will no longer be updated on a daily basis, rather updating when the whim to post takes me – bad news then for any regular visitors to these pages in other words.

Oh well.

Anyway, naturally there is a literal ton of stuff that I haven’t shared with you over the 2+ months that I haven’t been posting to the site, some of which I’ll catch up on or at least provide synopses for, and some of it that I won’t. (Truthfully, this all hangs off on what I can remember, and what I can’t!)

And that’s that. I’m officially back.

Sort of.