mouse anime 1Setarai. The High School Yamanou is one of the city’s proudest and largest institutions, churning out many a fine student into society. Muon Sorata is a college student in the Fine Arts Department, but is also a recognised teacher of Fine Arts in the high school. However, he is forever tardy, something three of the school’s teachers are forever ragging him on about. But Muon Sorata, Momojono Mei, Kuribayashi Yayoi and Kakio Hazuki hide a little secret.

For four hundred years the world has played host to the greatest thief of all time. That thief is Mouse. Capable of stealing anything he wants, Mouse never turns down a challenge. Known for his daring thefts in broad daylight and his habit of leaving call card warnings, Mouse is the police’s most wanted thief.

And this generation’s Mouse is none other than Muon. With his three sexy helpers he is willing to take on any challenge – after all, there is nothing that Mouse can’t steal!

Mouse is a silly little show designed to be silly and provide a lot of fan service. The story revolves around the super thief Mouse and his three sexy assistants who are capable of stealing anything they want. Mouse always warns his targets of his impending theft attempt – and always gets away with it. The bungling police force assigned to detective Onizuka is always one step behind this elusive thief.

Mouse’s three sexy assistants wait upon him hand and foot. They are will to do anything for him and their greatest desire it to please, and be pleased by, him. Forever half-dressed or stuffed into super sexy clothing, the three girls are always trying to get some loving from Mouse.

The series basically highlights Mouse’s various thefts and tells the stories of how the three girls came to call Sorata their master. The humour is pretty much ecchi-based for this series.

The characters funnily enough are actually well developed through the run of this series. Each character has a past and a motivation for what they do. Even detective Onizuka becomes a little more three-dimensional than most antagonists.

The animation quality is high and the colours are bright and vibrant. The opening theme is nice and catchy and the in-show music is well suited to the mood of the series. The character voices are also good, with the girls’ voices oozing sexiness.

This is a very silly little series and only if you enjoy a good dose of fan-service in the form of bulging breasts and cute panty shots should you give this series a try.

mouse anime 2

(Historical Note: This was written back in August 2004. Thankfully my writing has improved greatly since then.)

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