Started in early 2013, is the brainchild of one Dale Kopping, and while it started out as a humble personal blog for Dale and his camera to capture all the events he was attending, it has since blossomed into a proper go-to portal to get all the latest news of all the biggest and most entertaining events happening out and about South Africa.

In other words, you need info on a Music Events, Carnivals, Festivals, etc? Or simply don’t know what to do with your evenings and weekends? Or maybe just want free tickets to things? Well then, go check out, or alternatively hop onto their Twitter feed at @ExpressionsByDK.

In addition to all of that, DK Expressions is now also a full blown services company, services which include the likes of “Sales, Marketing, Media and PR”, “Social Media Networking & Management”, and even “Photography and Filming”.

So pretty much the whole hog in this brave new world of Social Media Marketing then…


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