So with our Homelink Estates agent Len Wilmot’s week long vacation now over and done with, pleasingly he kicked off the week by getting straight back into the saddle and putting our house officially up for sale.

We’ve listed the house at what I think is a very fair price (R835,000), and so now it is a simple matter to sit back and wait to see if there are any interested buyers lurking out here in the always beautiful Gordon’s Bay.

Of course, when I say sit back and wait, I do mean paint all the interior walls, keep the place spic-and-span, and of course whip the garden into the shape of its life – after all, we are now on show! ;)

Although I’m sure the listing appears in more than just a few places, here are the links to both the Property24 as well as the Homelink Estates web listings:

(I have to say that I was a little surprised to see that Len decided to include some old exterior shots of the place dating back to when he last sold the place – i.e. to us. Obviously the house is no longer that colour and the lavender bushes are no more, plus the garden is now a heck of a lot more established, so I’m not entirely sure why he thought that might be a good idea. I can for now only surmise that speed was of the essence to get our listing up and running, and as such, he used what he had before coming to take the official photos this morning…)

5 country mews water fountain

Right. Here’s to wishing ourselves luck then! :)

(P.S. Interesting fact – our neighbours across the road also happen to be selling their house at the moment! How’s that for coincidence?)