Condoms have been included in survival kits for quite some time already. They have been used primarily as an expendable water container but this guide will show you a few more uses that you may not have thought of.

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Here are our 8 survival tips that make use of an ordinary condom:

  1. Condoms can be used to hold up to 2L of water if done correctly. If you fill the condom while in one of your socks this handy container will become more durable.
  2. You can use your condom to store dry fire tinder. This can be extremely handy especially when it comes to situations when you’ll need a fire to stay warm, boil drinking water or to cook a meal. And once your tinder is all burnt up, your condom can also be used as a fire starter.
  3. Weaponry. Yes that’s right. You can use condoms to make your very own hand-held slingshot which you can use to hunt down your dinner
  4. In worst case scenarios you can use a condom as a makeshift rubber glove when seeing to first aid issues. It will help in protecting yourself, your wound and other people who may come in contact with blood.
  5. Protection. Condoms are great to use when protecting the muzzle of your hunting guns and rifles from sand water and mud. It may be a crude method but it is simple and effective.
  6. Tying a knot in a condom with air trapped inside can double as a fishing bobber. It will help you see exactly where your fishing line is while you wait for your next catch.
  7. Being alone in the wilderness can get a bit frustrating. Believe it or not but a condom can actually double as a best friend. Simply draw a face on a blown up condom, give him a creative name and he will keep you company while you’re hunting, hungry, alone and sleeping.
  8. If you blow a condom and tie it up, you can turn it into an improvised pillow. Simply wrap it up in a shirt or a jersey to protect it from popping and your night’s sleep will improve slightly.

Hopefully this guide shows you that a condom has far more uses than what is was made for. For more tips on how condoms can change your life check out the articles on

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