The mental state you’re in can make or break that romantic fairy tale evening, understand that it plays a role in having great sex and can enhance yours and your partner’s sexual experience.

When it comes to a conversation around sex, most of the focus is placed on the obvious parts involved; the man parts, lady parts and an assortment of other erotic spots on the body. Whether you simply want to improve your own sexual performance or improve the sex in your relationship; it all starts with your mind.

How is the mind involved?

If your mind is locked up and unfocused then your chances of improving your sexual experiences are next to none. Having a more open and sexually liberated mind will greatly increase your chance of having better and more exciting sex.

Sometimes, a woman can be completely aroused by simple conversation. Yes, by talking. And the same applies to men. Have you ever had a steamy conversation with someone else and found yourself sexually aroused? That’s because your mind is stimulated sexually by painting mental images of the steamy conversation that you just had. See how powerful your mind actually is?

So, relax and just “go-with-it”

If you find yourself holding back when it comes to sex or if your partner wants you to wander a little bit out of your comfort zone then all you really need is to liberate your mind. You obviously would have to want to do it in order to get the most out of it. There are many videos and books out there that you can use to liberate your mind and get you thinking and experiencing further than before.

So whatever your situation may be, remember that your mind is a powerful sex organ and tool, and should be considered as part of the ‘game’ as much as the obvious part too. And remember to always use a condom, even if you are in a relationship.

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