Every sensible car owner knows chopping and changing out the original colour of their vehicle is an
uninformed act of pure idiocy on the driver’s part.

However, more and more individuals are enjoying the luxury of changing the colour of their car to suit their mood or hottest trend, without further devaluing their precious asset. This is being achieved through the use of vinyl applications – there is absolutely no paint involved and if done well, you can have your ‘baby’ change dress in just a short few hours!

“Paint is Dead: Vinyl Applications are so Hot on the Car Scene Right Now!”

A brand new Porsche Cayman can be transformed from its traditional silver finish to a luminescent bright green, whilst a 1972 Chevy Impala convertible gets perked up in sparkly chrome outfit just a few steps away. The cars are being meticulously hand wrapped, by skilled vinyl applicators, armed with large sheets of light-weight vinyl, rubber squeegees, an anti-cutter and heat gun. The trade that used to be popular amongst race cars or the NASCAR industry, for sticker bombing and sponsorship logos, has now filtered its way into the mainstream with an influx of private vehicles being wrapped – often without any graphics at all, just a simple application of colour!

Commercial vehicles, such as busses, trucks and liners are being wrapped to become rolling billboards and business is honing in on the opportunity to advertise. From the outside, it may seem like a rather expensive endeavor to undertake, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices available out there these days. On that point, the cost of your custom wrap will depend entirely on the size of your vehicle, the quality of the vinyl sticker and the complexity of the job itself.

So, reasons to wrap:

  • It is 100% removable and maintains the integrity of you OEM paint
  • It does not drop the resell value of your vehicle
  • Maintains the validity of your lease agreement or warranty
  • Extremely affordable in comparison with a paint job
  • Lasts between 5 – 10 years
  • Comes in every colour (as well as texture) under the sun
  • Can take a beating whilst preserving the underlying paint job
  • Also, it’s a major head turner!

So whether you have just purchased a brand new BMW 5 series, or am leasing a Lamborghini, or would simply like
to freshen the look of your second hand car, Vinyl wrapping is definitely the way forward on the trends-to-stay

In other words, we can officially decree the death of the traditional paint job and march proudly into the multi-hued, funky printed and bad-ass textured future of wrapping!

checkered flag car vinyl

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