Found this interesting little note on my laptop, which indicates that we were pretty well prepared for the birth of our second child. Picking out a name is no easy task, primarily because you have to find a name that both parties actually like, and more importantly, can’t be made obvious fun of on the school playground.

These were the three picks (two girl, one boy) that Chantelle and I had primed and read to go for January this year:

  • Emily Jane Lötter
  • Megan Sierra Lötter
  • Ethan Grant Lötter

We went through the same process with Jessica funnily enough, though in that case we actually changed our decision right at the last minute after she was born – swapping Madison out in favour of Jessica!

This time around though, as you can see from the list, we obviously stuck to our guns and loaded the first pick – which is just as well really, because I really do like calling my little squishy milk gobbler, ‘Embels’!

emily lotter bouncing on jessica lotter