Halfway through this year the news broke of an unusual move that saw Google open up payments on its Google Play platform to Google Wallet direct competitor, PayPal. Which makes perfect sense when you remember that PayPal is a lot more mature and widely used than Google Wallet, hence it has the potential to bring in a whole lot more sales onto the notoriously difficult to get users to part with their money platform that is Android.

From around the web at the time:

“To start with, the feature is being rolled out in 12 countries including the US, Germany, and Canada. When you make a purchase on Google Play in these countries, you’ll find PayPal as an option in your Google Wallet. Tap on it, enter your PayPal account login and you’ll theoretically be able to make purchases pretty easily. Google says its goal is to ‘provide users with a frictionless payment experience, and this new integration is another example of how we work with partners from across the payments industry to deliver this to the user’.

While, the news will be pretty welcome to PayPal loyalists, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to buy physical goods on the Play store using the online payment service, only apps and other digital content.”

Of course this is awesome if like me you have a PayPal account that probably sits pretty unused for 90% of the time. However, six months down the line and if you are like me a good old South African, then sadly, like me, you’ll realize that the damn option to pay on Google Play with PayPal is STILL not available to us living here at the bottom of Africa.


Which makes sense when you read the original list of territories this PayPal integration is available in, i.e. USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, but damn it, it is pretty damn frustrating.

Especially when this is the first time you ever Googled “Pay on Google Play with PayPal” and just learned about this wonderful news today.


(And to think I only found out about this annoying limitation after going the whole hog and learning how to do it!)