So Fizzers are now banned from my house.

Hold up, you mean those deliciously pink, chewy bars of candy that seem to always be on hand at kids parties and can almost always without fail be found at the bottom of any pantry cupboard of a house with kids?


Chantelle, the kids, and I were out and about one particularly warm day (it was a Saturday I think), zipping about in the Hyundai Accent. My knee was still giving me a lot of hassles, so I was of course in less than a stellar mood. Anyway, after one of our stops had come to an end, I eased myself down into the passenger seat (the nice thing about being immobile is that Chantelle does all the driving!), and plonked my phone into the holding compartment on top of the armrest.

At the next stop (Mambo’s Plastic Warehouse if I remember correctly), I readied myself to exit the vehicle, and as such picked up my phone – which wouldn’t come out. So more force was applied, and with a squelch, my phone came free, trailing pink goop, which dishearteningly also covered the one entire side of my phone. And not just any side mind you, the side with the volume rocker, power button, SD card bay, and SIM card bay!

My beautiful Huawei Ascend P6, covered in sticky, pink, Fizzer goop.

It turns out that Jessica had previously deposited her Fizzer in the armrest compartment coming home from one or another birthday party (there are so, so many kids’ birthday parties in December!), which had then subsequently melted and settled, lying in wait for its first victim – which just happened to be my nice and expensive phone.


Armed with a toothpick and some baby bum wet wipes, I got the pink goop off of my phone, while Chantelle managed to get about 95% of the Fizzer out of her door.

Translation, no more Fizzers allowed in the Lötter household ever again! Probably.

box of pink fizzers