First day of my holiday and I’m already out and about with my girls (Chantelle is pretty much working 90% of the time whilst I’m on leave this year, so for the most part December 2014 will be the “Adventures of Daddy, Jessie and Embels” period), kicking things off with a trip to the always a hit, Strand picnic park duck pond.

Two half loaves were on hand, which Jessica proceeded to get rid of in no time at all (from the safety of a park bench of course!) whilst Emily just chewed on her chunks of bread as a hopeful crowd of geese could just look on in dismay.

With the bread gone, and the hordes of ducks and geese eventually turned away, we then continued with a stroll around the pond, before heading for the adjacent playground, where Jessica had a ball, made a new friend, and even pretend drove a tractor.

Emily and I on the other hand stuck to the roundabout, followed by clambering all over the park benches whilst waiting for Jess to tire herself out! :)