Photo Gallery: Butterfly World on Boxing Day (2014-12-26) Photo Gallery 26 DEC 2014

Today is a public holiday, Boxing Day to all of us old enough to remember the term, Day of Goodwill for those of us who are not. Having been a Gordon’s Bay resident long enough to know that you avoid the massively overpopulated beaches come any public holiday in either December or January, Chantelle and I decided to best make use of her morning off by taking Jessica and Emily through to the always a decent kids’ outing, Butterfly World (along the R44, just outside of Klapmuts).

As it turned out the weather was fantastic (read super hot summer’s day), the butterfly enclosure was sticky and warm, and there were in fact a lot more tourists than what we had anticipated. That said, and while the butterflies were perhaps not out in full force, the rest of the complex’s varied animal inhabitants made very sure that Jess thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Naturally, with all the sights and sounds experienced, we ended off the trip with a well deserved visit to the Jungle Leaf Cafe (where I stole most of Jess’ chips anyway!).

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