Although I’ve mentioned the 2013 Christmas Eve celebrations on this blog before, I’ve never actually shown anything from the day (basically because I took a year off blogging this year – no seriously, check the archives), something which I’ll now rectify by posting all of these great photos my Dad took with his proper full-blown camera (i.e. not a camera phone) on the night. (Don’t ask me about the camera, I know nothing about that field).


As previously mentioned, the feed Father Christmas in exchange for gifts routine didn’t go off perfectly thanks to Jessica’s negative reaction to having someone (I cannot tell a lie, it was I!) eat off her plate which was left at the back door, though, as expected, all was quickly right with the world when the present opening finally started. Lots and lots of little gifts were the order of the night, though for a 3 year old the night was perhaps just that little too long in the end…

As for Chantelle, well she probably wanted this evening to end a lot sooner than what it did – after all, little Emily was little more two weeks away from arriving into this world! :)