Earlier this year, Touchwork sponsored a weekend away for Chantelle and myself to say thanks for all the hard work my team and I had put into getting all the Distell work out of the door on time. Whilst Tracy and her partner opted to head out to Citrusdal, Chantelle and I decided on a change in direction and went for Langebaan, where Chantelle sourced some awesome accommodation in the form of Glenfinnan Guest House.

With the kids safely deposited with the grandparents, it was off along the West Coast, where we were treated to space, quiet, and a weekend free from all of our responsibilities. We ate out (a lot), enjoyed long strolls, stopped for coffee, and in general, just enjoyed some time as husband and wife without all the distractions that kids bring to the equation.

That said, it didn’t take long for us to miss the hell out of them at all!

The accommodation was great, the weather played along perfectly, and all in all it was a fantastic weekend away for Chantelle and myself, giving us some much needed bonding and relaxation time.


(And of course, when in Langebaan you can’t exactly miss out on a day trip to Club Mykonos now can you?)