Last year I celebrated my birthday by of course, doing things with my kids. Stationed in Bellville following a great night out with Chantelle (burgers and the big wheel at the Waterfront) the previous evening, we kicked things off with a trip to the local Ridgeworth park, before discovering a gem of a place in the form of Funky Frogs.

Funky Frogs is conveniently located in Tygervalley, tucked away in one of the shopping pods in the underground parking section of the shopping mall. Essentially it is one big space filled with all manner of kids’ entertainment, which you access by handing over a little bit of money for a set period of play time.

Plus, whilst the kids have an absolute ball, you can pull up a chair, grab a magazine, and drink a nice refreshing cup of coffee to pass the time. (If of course your child allows you to relax!)

So if you have small kids, then definitely a thumbs up!


(Thankfully, not all was lost in terms of at least some adult entertainment on my birthday. I received some pretty good craft beer from Peter, and as we all know, beer always makes everything better!)