Back in December it became increasingly obvious that we would need to upgrade our bathing solution for Emily – seeing as she now kept climbing out of her Bambino bath ring!

So off I nipped to Baby Boom at Somerset Mall (Value Mart), where I was disappointed to find that they only had one type of non-slip baby bath mat in stock – which was pretty pricey to boot (about R300 if I recall correctly).

Nevertheless, it wasn’t safe for us to continue using Emily’s blue bathing ring any more, so I handed over the cash and came home with this soft, blue, and very squishy mat. It appears to be made of a similar material as what Chantelle uses in terms of non-slip mats to transport her cakes on, and I have to say, the material combined with its multitude of little suckers is pretty damn effective.

It’s pretty large, although it doesn’t quite cover the interior of the bath from end to end, and as a bonus, the package included a little knee pad cushion made of the same material as the mat – pretty useful for people who don’t weigh quite as much as me I would assume! ;)

So overall the big blue non-slip mat from Baby Boom works a charm, meaning that scenes like this don’t have us quite so panicked any more:


Of course, if Emily would just stay on the mat then that would be awesome – instead, she seems to rather enjoy following Jessica all around the bath, trying to play with everything that Jess touches!

So, our bathroom bathing arrangements over the course of last year pretty much looked like this then:

Bonus! A year ago there was much giggling and trying not to laugh out loud when a distressed three year old Jessica called for us to come and help, only for us to walk in on this:


I suspect a nifty bath mat wouldn’t have been of much help back then.

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