Way back in June 2010 Chantelle and I was forced to buy a new bed. Given our weight we wanted something good, no not good, great, and as such we shopped around and eventually ended up buying a fantastic Dynamic Bedding produced queen sized bed from Bed City for R,8500 – a lot of money, but not so bad when you consider that we didn’t yet have children or for that matter our own house!

Anyway, fast forward four years and a couple of months (November last year to be exact), and the bed started to sag. It’s a foam mattress, not a spring one, so there shouldn’t be any problem there, and seeing as we were still within the warranty period, we approached Bed City who in turn sent someone out to look – who then promptly exclaimed that it was unusual, but it would seem that the wood of the base had sagged. So nothing broken then, but definitely a bed that needed to be replaced.

So at no cost to us, the order for a replacement was placed, and before long, we had a Bed City bed installer drive up in their little truck, mattress securely held in the back.

But wait a minute, where was the base?

Well much to my amazement, the wooden bases have now been completely done away with in favour of a new moulded plastic solution, which basically consists of a whole lot of bits that snap together and then get fastened together with screws – the end result looking a lot like a giant milk crate!

a new bed from bed city and dynamic bedding - plastic base and all 1

However, the new plastic bases allows for more feet points, meaning that pressure is distributed much more evenly, meaning that in theory the bed should never sag – so pretty much the perfect solution then.

Needless to say, Chantelle and I were not convinced that this flimsy looking plastic contraption could hold the two of us, but with the mattress on top, and the decorative base sheet fitted, I have to say, you can’t even feel the difference – and pleasingly enough, neither Chantelle nor I have woken up off the floor, surrounded by exploded shards of plastic just yet.

a new bed from bed city and dynamic bedding - plastic base and all 2

Finally, one nice new bonus is that the new base is a lot higher than the old one, so getting up in the morning is just a matter of swinging your legs over the side and voilà – you’re standing!

So yeah, sleeping on milk crates – who would have thought it? :)

a new bed from bed city and dynamic bedding - plastic base and all 3

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