Don’t let these adorable little faces fool you.

No, beneath the thick veneer of absolute cuteness lies determined spirits of chaos and destruction – a torch once carried by Jessica in her toddler years, and one now fully embodied, and embraced, by Emily.

You wouldn’t say it just by looking at these pictures, now would you?

emily lotter in front of craig lotter

jessica lotter with her ponies and a mcdonald chocolate sundae

Cute. Innocent. Adorable. Cheerful. Loveable. All of these adjectives, and more, apply. In fact, they can even double their cuteness by playing together with one another. See, see?

emily and jessica lotter playing together

But give Emily a handful of minutes when your back is turned and you’re at home…


This is now how your painstakingly put together collection of DVDs now looks.

the poor dvd shelf of craig lotter


Spirit of chaos I tell you, spirit of chaos!

emily lotter in orange