I know, I know, I promised some feedback from the awesome two week long jaunt in Japan I experienced back in October 2014, and yes, that was quite some time ago. The thing is though, there are so, SO many photos to organise – never mind the part of actually getting around to writing everything up!

Nevertheless, you’ll be rather pleased to know that at long last I’ve sat down and sorted through all the photos – that’s two Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards plus my Huawei P6’s memory card worth of pictures – in other words a decent amount of sorting that was done.

Of course, it could be worse – I could have been armed with a proper camera and not just my little point-and-click Sony Cybershot – which if that was the case and I was all professional like, I’d be wading through thousands and thousands of the damn things!

So small blessings then, even if the trade-off is at times some pretty shoddy (and blurry) shots! (I shudder to think just how many photos and how much organising my friends who actually are proper into photography have to go through after a trip like this!)

Tokyo Tower mascots

Anyway, I have to say, the last couple of evenings going through all these photos has brought back some wonderful memories of my short visit alongside Ryan to the Land of the Rising Sun, and so pleasingly I’m looking quite, quite forward to writing up all the text to go along with the pictures.

In short, I hope you’re ready for some tales from Japan – because looking at all these folders sitting in front of me – you’re in for a lot!

LaQua greeting robot in Tokyo Dome City

Now, where did I put that file with all the attraction ticket stubs and travel guides in it…