Just the other day I was saying how pleased I was to have finally paid off the Hyundai Getz I bought from Hyundai Helderberg way back in 2010 – and Monday, whilst driving into work (in fact, just before the Westlake Business park), I spotted my odometer hitting the┬ádreaded reading: the 120,000 km badge is now unlocked!

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz

I have to say, for the five years that I’ve now owned her, she has done remarkably well, not letting me down once. In face, the only two niggles I’ve had in the time was the central locking not working for a while (fixed) and a front sun visor which is now a little droopy.

That’s it (other than one or two self-inflicted scrapes).

So yup, mightily impressed with my little Getz and all the more reason for me to stay happily in the Hyundai family for the next couple of years to come.

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz - with Chantelle Lotter

Of course, my Hyundai 5 year/120,000 km warranty/service plan has now come to an end, meaning that after this week’s big, big service, it’s back to paying for my future car services out of pocket.

Sigh, guess I best start putting a little aside each month already.

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz - with Craig Lotter

Still, she has made – and kept – me happy… so then I guess she’s pretty damn worth it! :)

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