It’s hard to think that back in 2011, around Jessica’s first birthday we splashed out and bought a pretty fancy car seat in the form of the Bambino Roadster. Four years later, and just after Emily’s first birthday, we’ve retrieved the Bambino Roadster from storage (thanks Monty and Cheryl for finding the cupboard space for it!), dusted it off, and set it up for round 2 of serving the Lötter family!

emily lotter sitting in the bambino roadster car seat

Although, when I say dusted it off, and set it up for round 2, it turns out that the process wasn’t quite as simple as what I make it out to be. You see, as with most baby/toddler used equipment, the Roadster was pretty damn dirty – full of unidentified smears and stains, and more importantly, full of lengthy cat hair. This of course meant that Chantelle deemed it due a wash in the washing machine.

So she dutifully took everything apart, washed it, and then over the course of the next MONTH, tried to reassemble the thing! (Basically, the Roadster is a pretty damn complex chair to try and figure out!)

In the end, Chantelle resorted to calling up Michelle Oosthuizen, the encylopedia of all child-related things, and when verbal instructions failed, Michelle recorded a full on tutorial video, which became then the key to Chantelle finally finishing (with a lot of swearing) the puzzle that is the disassembled Bambino Roadster car seat!

Of course, I just stood by and smirked, chuckled and in general found the whole ordeal particularly funny from start to finish. After all, I told Chantelle not to mess with the damn thing in the first place!

However, that said, my heart did break for my poor wife, because the very next morning after finishing putting the chair back together, she handed Emily a banana for breakfast. Sadly for Chantelle, Emily was all over the Bambino Roadster like an ant in a sugar bowl, resulting in the Roadster completely covered in smeared banana – stains which don’t just wipe off thanks to the Bambino’s type of material covering.

Sigh, looks like someone will have to disassemble again! :)