Comedians Nic Smal and Gareth Allison make up the Youtube singing comedy duo of Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues (thank you Carte Blanche for providing the naming ammo), and have been having us South Africans chuckling along for quite a while now with their ridiculously silly songs that pretty much make fun of everything popular right now.

(My favourite without a doubt was Braai Day, released back in 2011 in preparation for South Africa’s National Braai Day (held 24 September every year) parodying the viral sensation that was Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.)

derick watts & the sunday blues - Nic Smal and Gareth Allison

Anyway, quick bio grabbed off the (who knows why it’s up there) site:

“Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues have made waves both locally and internationally with their unique brand of comedy, using YouTube as their platform of choice. Known for their tongue-in-cheek parody music videos (“Braaiday”, “The Car Guard Song”, “Movember Song” and most recently “Hipsters & Hashtags”) as well as their original animated series (“Chat Sandwich”, “Hippo & Croc”), their work has been featured on sites such as TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, The Telegraph and Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die. They were also adjudged by Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee as winners of the international Movember video competition in 2012, beating out hundreds of entrants worldwide.

The duo, consisting of Nicholas Smal & Gareth Allison, recently signed with Los Angeles-based network The Collective, and have worked with local favourites Ard Matthews, Dr. Michael Mol, Rob van Vuuren & even Derek Watts himself on some of their videos.”

Right. And now for a description culled from Youtube itself:

“Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues return with their most ridiculous song yet! This time the boys chronicle the journey of two ordinary young men who splurge out & live large on payday, their spending sprees making those of celebrities like P. Diddy and Nicki Minaj look dull in comparison!

Alas though, reality comes back to bite them and they have to figure out how to get by for the rest of the month until payday comes around again. Will the boys learn their lesson this time around?

Featuring guest appearances by Jack Parow, Jeannie D, former-Miss South Africa Cindy Nell & The Kiffness, it’s the song everyone can relate to – PAYDAY!”

So, resonate much anyone? :)

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