Going for a holiday overseas is pretty daunting. So much planning, so much thinking, so much packing. Of course, one thing that doesn’t usually cross your mind is “What if something goes wrong?”.

Well it probably should, because just imagine you slip on a damp ramp in an Austrian restaurant and your knee folds in ways knees are designed to fold? Or perhaps you’re strolling around Mexico City, snapping pictures and then step into an open manhole courtesy of a stolen manhole cover?

Sure its funny now, but these things do invariably happen, which is exactly where the concept of travel insurance comes in to play.

Travel insurance is in essence a short-term cover that applies when you are travelling internationally. In general it covers a range of things from trip cancellation and luggage loss to emergency medical and personal accident assistance – the emergency medical probably being the most important of the lot!

(The South African rand doesn’t exactly stretch far in most foreign countries, making the thought of expensive foreign medical fees rather daunting to say the least!)

Respected insurance provider AIG now also plays in the travel insurance space, and has packages suited for individual travel, business travel, and for those of you still young enough to qualify, student travel.

So worth a thought then when next you find yourself on the airline website busy pricing tickets for your latest overseas getaway!

Lunch Time in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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