On Monday evening that infamous Muizenberg railroad bridge that has claimed the tops of so many buses and trucks over the years, tried its hand at taking me out too – by attempting to squash my car by dropping a heavy metal advertising sign down from above!

If you are familiar with the territory, then you’ll understand as I paint this picture. I had just finished up at Checkers, and was pulling out of the parking lot in order to join the road that takes me to down to the beach roads and ultimately on to Sunrise Circle, stopping behind one car that was in front of me, also patiently waiting to join the main road from the parking lot.

As this first car nudged forward, there was an almighty metal rending sound and all of a sudden, the steel frame of the big advertising board affixed to the bridge came crashing down, landing literally right in front of the car that was right in front of me!

Amazingly, the metal structure failed to actually hit and squash any car (or person – there are a lot people that walk under that bridge, not to mention all of the homeless people who live under there!).

I was in the fortunate position in that there was enough space for me to make a sharp left turn back into the parking lot and then make an exit under the building and past the railroad, making my way ultimately back up the road and then around the Zandvlei way of reaching Sunrise Circle – lucky because I imagine it took a fair bit of time to clean up that mangled mess and get the cars flowing again!

So yes, now I am positive that Muizenberg doesn’t like me very much.

view from muizenberg railroad bridge next to false bay college