I got a nice surprise in the form of a little salary bump this week and of course, the first question that popped into my head was just how much money would I now take home after tax?

In other words, I needed a SARS income tax calculator, and I needed one stat!

spreadsheet, pen and calculator artistically arranged in a shade of blue

Now as much fun as it would be to write one of those (it’s just a few simple calculations after all), I would much rather spare myself the time and simply use one that already exists – which is exactly why it was so cool for TaxTim’s SARS Income Tax Calculator to pop out from a quick Google search!

I’m already familiar with the TaxTim tax return handling brand thanks to all the exposure and adverts they post/get on the The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield (which I religiously tune into every evening drive home), so it was a no-brainer to click on their link, fill in the two or three text fields and then grin in delight as the digits performed a delightful and thrilling spin in order to churn out my magic number.

(As a bonus, it takes you through the calculation applied, and also shows you just how much the change in tax rates affect you by comparing to the previous tax season. Oh, and you can actually get your tax calculation done for the last 3 tax seasons if you want!).

So what am I getting at then?

Well, in essence, it’s pretty easy to know how much money you will take home after tax – if you have access to the Internet! :)

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