I didn’t really enjoy Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to be quite honest. In fact, I haven’t really “loved” any of Snyder’s movies, probably because of his insistence of visual style over, I don’t know, acting/story/emotional depth. Harsh, and probably undeservedly so – after all, I’m no trained movie critic.

Anyway, not that any of the above has anything to do with what is about to follow mind you.

A guy by the name of Bryan Sanders and his colleagues wondered out aloud what Man in Steel would look like if was actually colourful, you know, how Superman ought to be, instead of all grey and saturated and in need of appearing in an angsty Batman movie.

Check it out:

Definitely an interesting little project. Personally, I think more colour would be awesome, but even with that, it still wouldn’t have saved this dour, depressing, and not very Superman-spirited, Superman movie.


zack snyders man of steel restored color

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