You know that old saying “Stop bugging me woman, I said I’ll do it. You don’t have to keep asking every six months about it you know!” – well, totally applicable when it comes to me and DIY/upkeep here at my house in Country Mews.

I probably only bother mowing the lawn every month and a half or so, my car only gets washed like twice or maybe three times a year, blown lightbulbs have been known to take weeks (if not months) to be replaced [hey, I have nine ceiling downlights in the lounge. I can afford to lose two or three of them you know!], the perished light fitting in our en-suite bathroom is still perilously hanging from its cord (for longer than what I can actually remember), and then finally there is this:

Late last year, one of Gordon’s Bay’s infamous winds gusted through the house and slammed shut the front door that had been standing open, properly cracking the beautiful sandblast design glass pane and rendering the door a pretty ugly sight indeed.

cracked stained glass pane front door in gordons bay

We’re pretty much halfway into the new year now.

I should probably get that fixed at some point…