I’m not particularly active on Twitter to be quite honest – the appeal of the whole thing doesn’t quite make sense to me, but nevertheless, I have an account and as such I do receive e-mail notices whenever someone directs a tweet my way – which is exactly what happened on the 5th of May when I spotted this glorious tweet in my inbox:

african blogger awards 2015 winner announcement tweet

That’s right, my little corner on the web just got recognised as the winner of the Personal blog category of this year’s edition of the African Blogger Awards (2015. The second year that this competition has ran).

Yay me!

Of course, as always, this doesn’t really mean all that much when you consider that they had a fairly low number of entrants overall (just over a 1 000, about double last year’s total), but what is pretty cool is that I won the award in this particular category based entirely on measured metrics – in other words, this was no “popular kid” vote system here in play here, oh no, this was cold hard click counts.

(Which then automatically makes it a lot better and massively more fair than what has since gone on to become a bit of a blogger joke these days, i.e. the SA Blogger Awards.)

Webfluential is an advertising platform which allows marketing teams to place adverts across Blog, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram networks, and is quite obviously positioned hard the real benefactor to these awards, what with all the exposure that it is getting (it was the official analytics collector, with the added bonus of getting a whole slew of new content producers onboard seeing as they needed to sign up in order to take part).

Not that I actually mind, mind you – Webfluential is actually already a pretty slick platform (I was on it before I had even heard of these awards), and again, I kind of like this thing that runs on metrics and algorithms!

Anyway, taken from the Awards about page (if you’re still not following as to what exactly is going on):

“The African Blogger Awards aims to acknowledge the top African talent in the world of Bloggers, YouTubers, Facebookers, Tweeters, and Instagrammers. These awards provide an opportunity to the most successful online influencers in Africa to be recognised for their hard work in growing and keeping their communities active and engaged.

Our aim is to broaden the industry for bloggers in Africa and allow brands to see the value in blogging as a marketing platform.”

(For interest’s sake, the African Blogger Awards appear to have been the creation of the viral social media gurus behind both the Retroviral media agency and Webfluential, Murray Legg and Mike Sharman.)

…Okay, wait. This is all getting a bit convoluted and silly now.

All I initially wanted to achieve with this post was to recognise the fact that I DID in fact win a blogging award because my stats aren’t particularly half bad for a personal blog run by a singular person, with a post pushed out every now and then instead of in constant flood mode! (i.e. it isn’t a corporate construct or anything like that.)

That makes me smile a little.

african blogger awards 2015 personal category winner - dad and the code by craig lotter

(Now I wonder if I should be expecting a little something arriving for me through the post…)

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