Sigh. I dislike the fact that this game even exists here in South Africa. Every Sunday evening I dutifully place my municipal black wheelie bin out for emptying by the refuse disposal truck the next day, and every Monday evening when I come back home from work, I anxiously scan the complex’s returned pool of bins, hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved No.5 bin – grasping at the fact that my neighbours’ bins look far prettier and thus more inviting to ‘borrow’ than mine. (A completely made up notion of course, but it works for me.)

Exciting stuff I tell you.

Sadly however, this week my bin was not in the returned pool of bins. I slowly drove around the complex to make sure that it hadn’t just been delivered to someone else by mistake, but sadly no. My black bin is gone (again).

I just hope it isn’t feeling too lonely… wherever it is.


municipal black wheelie bin